Daily Foodie Eats: 15/04/12

Breakfast: coleslaw mix topped with salsa verde, shredded chicken thighs with homemade taco seasoning, chopped avocado and a drizzle of homemade mayo just because I like playing with my not-so-fancy drizzle bottle I got at a restaurant supply store. And coffee. Mmmm…

Lunch: Meh, didn’t eat much. Had a few bites of these amazing Apple coconut waffles, but before I could snap a good photo the kiddo had dug right in. Note to self: find some better almond flour, because the only stuff I can find at Bulk Barn (almond “meal”) just isn’t cutting it! Nothing else for lunch, but I did a lot of munching while I prepped food for the week.

Dinner: Ah, this would have been much more photogenic if I had got out the real camera. Prosciutto-wrapped chicken breast stuffed with spinach and sundried tomato, spaghetti squash carbonara, braised artichokes (never again. I have never been successful in cooking a fresh artichoke!) with some garlic aioli for dipping.

Snack: fat cat plantain chips. I love these things…

Also, the excitement of the day… I snagged a great 17 cubic foot upright freezer from my basement from kijiji! Time to upgrade from the small little 5 cubic foot chest freezer that I’ve had since university. It seems so empty now. I’m shopping for a grass-fed cow to fill it up. Maybe a pastured pig to go with it!


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