What does this foodie eat?


I am persistently nagged by friends and colleagues to share my recipes for inspiration. You see, I love me some creative recipes and cooking. Despite my hectic life (full time professional, full time graduate student, wife and mom to a busy toddler!) I always make time to cook and eat. I can often be found in my kitchen procrasti-cooking or hiding out on the iPad cruising Pinterest for a new recipe. With few exceptions, I always make time for food. It’s important to me to prioritize healthy eating for my family because it makes us feel good.

With few exceptions, my eating and recipes tend to be grain-free. I follow a Paleo lifestyle, generally. I use the words “follow” and “paleo” loosely, because I follow it more as a guiding framework than an absolute prescription. I still eat dairy, and I do find myself nutritionally off-roading from time to time. I also make treats for the family and will share those recipes here as well!

So here it is, my humble little food blog, I hope it inspires someone somewhere to have a little bit of fun in the kitchen, and not look at healthy eating as a chore.

p.s. While I love food photography and do own a pretty good camera, many of the pics are blackberry or iphone photos, so I apologize for the quality. When I become a professional food blogger (ha!) I can promise that all the photos will be breathtaking. 😉


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