Daily Foodie Eats: 17/04/12

Breakfast: Coffee and cream. The usual, you know.

Lunch: Homemade turkey meatballs (ground turkey, coconut flour, egg, pesto, chopped spinach, and sundried tomato… and yes I did eat them cold. YUM). I took a photo with my blackberry but it was too terrible to share. Embarrassing!  Egg salad in a curry Pure Wrap. These are amazing raw coconut wraps that are a great sandwich wrapper and bread replacement. I first saw these on nomnompaleo.com and went on a mission for a Canadian distributor and found UpayaNaturals.com. Now these puppies don’t come cheap at $5.59 for a four pack (and that’s on sale!), but tell me this – have you ever dropped way too much coin for a fresh bakery croissant? Yes, that’s what I thought… Too rich for lunch every day, but a nice treat. I forgot to take a photo of it until I got to the very last bite. Whoops. I sincerely apologize for this horrible photo!

Also had some chopped cucumbers, red pepper and Smoky Babaganoush, and some Sunshine Sauce. I’m undecided on the sunshine sauce, although I altered the recipe to use almond butter instead of sunbutter because it’s all I had. I think I will play with it some more the next time I make it.

Snack: Piece of cold chicken from the fridge and a Larabar. I needed to get some damned food into me before we went to Costco. Costco on an empty stomach = bad.

Dinner: Shrimp, mango, avocado and salsa. Yummy.


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