Daily Foodie Eats: 18/04/12

Breakfast: Same old… coffee and cream. Do you seriously want another picture of my mug? Didn’t think so.

Lunch: More mango/shrimp/avocado/salsa salad. See yesterday’s post for a pic. More veggies and babaganoush. Again, see yesterday’s post. I’m like that disappointment you feel when you realize your favourite sitcom is a rerun. Sorry. ha!

Dinner: Spinach salad with hard boiled egg, red onion, tomato and… no bacon. Funny thing about that bacon… I arrived home a few minutes early tonight so I stopped at home to pop the bacon in the oven before I walked around the corner to get the kiddo from daycare. As I was prepping dinner after we returned home he kept saying “bacon! bacon! bacon mommy!” Wait, how do you know I’m cooking bacon? Do you seriously recognize the smell? Dear god, you ARE my child! When I took the 8 slices of bacon out of the oven and crumbled them into bits to cool on the paper towel he kept asking for them. Then grabbing them off the counter and loading up his bowl…. Sigh. I give up. Just eat the bacon, child. He ate five entire slices (for those of you who are good at math… I ate the other three. ha!) So no bacon for this salad. We also had bowls of soup from the freezer (sausage, tomato, spinach, bone broth with some parmesan sprinkled on top). Good times.

MOAR BACON, MOMMY!!!!!!! (His expression is hilarious)

Snack: I taste tested a sausage stuffed portobello mushroom… Recipe to come!


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