Daily Foodie Eats: 19/04/12

Breakfast: You guessed it. COFFEE.

Lunch: A stuffed mushroom cap, veggies and babaganoush, two boiled eggs.

Snack: 5 shot venti sugar free caramel extra-hot whole milk americano misto from Starbucks. Hell yes.  and a handful of almonds later.

Dinner: This was a lazy one, but a tasty one. Using the concept of hot plates from my current favourite cookbook Well Fed, I threw together dinner. What’s a hot plate? Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out… The author generously offers a free preview of the first 30 pages, but I can’t remember if the hot plate section is in the preview. Doesn’t matter though, because you’ll read the first 30 pages and want more more more and buy the book anyway like I did. En tous cas, Dinner was asian coleslaw mix from Costco, ground pork, and leftover Sunshine Sauce.

Snack: I was making a new recipe and I may have eaten one or two or eight of these beauties… Stay tuned for the recipe. I’ll give you a hint, it’s Greek and it’s delicious, and it’s not spanakopita….


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