Smoky Babaganoush

So everyone loves hummus. But have you had its delicious cousin babaganoush? Babaganoush is an eggplant dip that is incredibly delicious. I have eaten it on occasion, but when I decided to cut out legumes and grains from my diet I went in search of a hummus replacement. That’s when it all came back to me.

This will be my lame attempt at sharing a recipe with you. I cannot follow a recipe to save my life. I measure nothing! This is why I don’t bake. Baking is a science, but cooking is an art!


Yield: enough to fill two individual glass things for my lunch and half a smallish plastic container (Yeah, I told you I can’t measure…) Seriously – maybe 1.5 cups.


  • 1 medium eggplant
  • 1/4c of lemon juice
  • a few drizzles of olive oil
  • two giant spoons of tahini (1/4c?)
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • generous spoonful of cumin (YUM!)
  • sprinkle of sea salt and fresh ground pepper


  1. Wash eggplant and remove dry leaves at top. Brush with olive oil. Turn on gas grill (because there is no other kind… If you have an electric stove, put it on the curb and get a gas one, Come on!) Toss eggplant on and grill until it is charred and soft. About 15-20 minutes? Watch it. It might catch fire. This would ruin your recipe. I should have taken a picture, it was beautiful. It looked kinda like these red peppers, but it was an eggplant. Use your imagination…
  2. Let cool. I let mine cool overnight because I was lazy and didn’t feel like cooking anymore.
  3. Take all ingredients. Throw them in a food processor. Puree. Add a few more drizzles of olive oil as required until the texture looks right.
  4. Eat. With a spoon, veggies, crackers if you are so inclined…. Flavour tastes best after it has chilled overnight, or for a few hours at least.


p.s. Can you actually follow my recipe enough to re-create? Leave a comment and let me know. Or flame my obvious ineptitude for sharing recipes. You know what they say: Those who cannot do, teach. And those who can, well they hog their skills and don’t share with anyone else…